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iPad 2 case

iPad 2 case

Beautiful iPad 2 cases, handmade in natural grain, thick bovine leather.

You can choose iPad 2 case to be handmade in Nude Beauty (undyed), Nippon (delicately dyed) or Black Espresso (black dyed through) natural grain leather.

The leather for my iPad 2 cases is vegetable tan (no hard chemicals used), carefully selected.

The leather comes from Poland, the threads come from the UK. All iPad 2 cases are handmade in Poland in a small workshop near Warsaw.

Aligata iPad 2 cases are very durable and protect the device perfectly. 

You can choose iPad 2 case to be portfolio style or envelope style, or simple sleeve.

All Aligata iPad 2 cases, sleeves and envelopes are very simple and extremely elegant in design. I have decided to give up all the bells and whistles options (such as standing facilities, additional pockets, closing straps or magnets) to make sure the final design is beautiful in its simplicity.

When you buy Aligata iPad 2 case or iPad 2 envelope or iPad 2 sleeve you can be sure you will stand out in the crowd. There have been only a little above 2000 Aligata products distributed in the world. No risk that your friend will come up will the same iPad 2 case!

And please remember, that I use the best possible materials to make my products. The leather used is thick, premium, natural grain bovine, vegetable tan. There is simply no comparable quality material in the world!

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